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Mardan Palace Hotel, in Turkey

To get married is a one in a lifetime occasion, therefore, why not make it special with an special honeymoon? There are some great hotels around the world that can make your journey unforgettable and make you feel like king and queen for a few nights, surrounded by some spectacular landscapes, but also offering you the possibility to spend some great nights out, drinking champagne away, or playing poker like a real gentleman.

Indeed, many of the most amazing hotels in the world also have some pretty great casinos, perfect to crown not only your evenings, but also your honeymoon and, possibly, your luck!

Generally speaking, when it comes to super-luxury hotels, here are some of the best ones!

Hotel Palms, in Las Vegas 

  • Hotel Palms, in Las Vegas, is probably one of the best and most amazing hotels you can find. Its rooftop suites, like the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa, are simply breathtaking, with their rooftop Jacuzzi hanging over The Strip. And don’t forget that sin city is the best place for poker players! Of course, if you choose to go to Las Vegas for your honeymoon you might want to try playing some online poker in one of the most popular sites first before you enter a live poker room.

  • Paris…Paris! The Royal Suites at Hotel George Vare simply amazing and absolutely romantic and elegant. Perfect if you want to feel like royalty!

  • Feeling oriental? The Ritz-Carlton Suite at Ritz-Carlton in Tokyo overviews the city for an unforgettable and luxurious stay in the Japanese capital.

    Villa La Cupola Suite at the Westin Excelsior in Rome 
  • If you want to go eternal, the Villa La Cupola Suite at the Westin Excelsior in Rome is the ultimate destination if you want a La Dolce Vita style honeymoon. You can even watch it during your stay, as you will have a private cinema, besides a private spa with sauna, whirlpool and steam bath.

  • The Emirates Palace, in Abu Dhabi, is also one of the most amazing a luxurioushotels in the world, with its 394 rooms and suites, uncountable pools and fountains, a spa and over 1000 crystal chandeliers. For a precious honeymoon. 

    The Ritz-Carlton Suite at Ritz-Carlton in Tokyo
  • If you’re opting for a Mediterranean destination, the Mardan Palace Hotel, in Turkey, is perfect for you. Built by Russian Billionaire Telman Ismailov, it prides the largest swimming pool in the Mediterranean (it fits 1000 guests) and it’s been appointed as one of the most elite luxury hotels in Europe. A real Mediterranean diamond.